Random Info!

Hey y’all this page is dedicated to random facts about the artists!!

TaRanda Greene Random Stuff…

She has 2 daughters, Isabella and Josie, who are miracles in themselves. Her husband, Tony, died in Sept. 2010 due to medical issues and he is deeply missed. TaRanda was born on April 6th and she dyed her hair blonde for like 30 years! She is now sporting the natural brunette. Her first new album since Tony died is being released in the Fall of 2014 by StowTown Records and it’s called “Stronger”. You can follow her on twitter @tarandagreene or like her Facebook page! Her website is http://www.tarandamusic.com. In larger and more recent news: TaRanda Greene is engaged and it to be married to Landon Beene in the spring of ’16.

Greater Vision random stuff….

You can follow the trio on Twitter @greatervision and they love to favorite tweets about them! LOL, the trio is made up of Gerald Wolfe, Rodney Griffin, and Chris Allman. They like Cracker Barrel, but who doesn’t? They have a new album “As We Speak” coming out on April 14, 2015 which is their first CD in 2 years.

The Hoppers…

This family gospel group is made up of husband and wife, Claude and Connie Hopper, along with their sons, Dean and Michael, and Kim who is Dean’s wife. Karlye, Dean and Kim’s daughter has also been known to join along. Kim used to sing with another gospel group, The Greenes, which also happens to be the one TaRanda was is. TaRanda married Kim’s brother, Tony and so that makes TaRanda and Kim sister in laws, but they are also best friends, if not more. Kim is know for belting out the high notes, while Claude and Connie are known for being in the business more than 50 years, wow!


One thought on “Random Info!

  1. Hey although I’m from the Caribbean, I was introduced to all kinds genre in music due of my mom. The Greenes and the Hoppers along with other Southern Gospel singers were among, her favorites on Sundays before and after church, Hence, I became attracted to these singers and sounds.
    Therefore, I’m so blessed by the singing of TaRanda Greene Beene and Kim Hopper. God has surely blessed them with an amazing voice which they used so beautifully to spread his the gospel in songs.

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