New Album Release!

I know this is way overdue guys, but I am here in case you haven’t heard the news. On November 10th of this year, TaRanda released her new album, STRONGER!!


I am as excited as y’all, I promise!

So if you have not got it, you need to! It’s at christian bookstores, on iTunes, or you can head over and buy it at her website or at one of her concerts. You will not regret it!

That being said, me being me, there will be a review of this CD up soon, I will says before December 10th.

Again, sorry I disappeared, school is keeping me on my toes. I love y’all and stay humble!



Hey y’all so I’m here with another post. I know I haven’t posted lyrics in awhile, but they are coming soon. As y’all have probably figured out, I have a new puppy and boy, is she a pain. LOL! No, just kidding. I love her! I am however having to look for her 24/7 to make sure she isn’t peeing, which has really absorbed my time. There is laundry to do from vacation, but I don’t know if I can trust her. I am constantly having to use my camera on my phone to figure out where she is behind the couch. She does take some naps, but it takes forever to her to calm down enough to actually take one. And if she is taking one, I usually can’t get up without waking her up. So there’s my little update on the pup. I put a picture here on this post somewhere 😉

Onto news from some of our favorite singers!

TaRanda Greene is working on something kinda secret that isn’t going to get revealed till the end of July! Argh. Although I have gathered that it must be some kind of video. I think. I’m not sure. Bella Greene, TaRanda’s daughter, lost her voice yesterday (6/17/14) please pray for her in hopes that she will regain her voice soon. Please be in prayer for the family of James Dennis Smith (TaRanda’s papaw), he passed away at 10:42pm on June 16th. He was surround by family when he went to meet the Savior. The funeral was being held today, June 18th, at 11am at the Church of God of the Union Assembly. Phil Collingsworth of the Collingsworth Family, got married to Sharlenae on June 10th, 2014. The Nelons have a new CD coming out VERY VERY SOON, as in like 6 days soon.Head on over to their webpage to order this new CD, HYMNS: The A Cappella Sessions for only $14.99!!

This  is my puppy, Munchkin, on her 2nd day home. The second ear will eventually pop up. She is a Pembroke Corgi. This is her at 10 weeks and 1 day old.

This is my puppy, Munchkin, on her 2nd day home. The second ear will eventually pop up. She is a Pembroke Corgi. This is her at 10 weeks and 1 day old.


Hey y’all! I need y’all’s help. Do you wanna hear my story, my journey to refine myself in The Lord? If you do please either comment below or like this post and tell me what you think! I’m thinking a blog update is in store and this would be a great place to start!!


Hey y’all,

I just thought I would drop all of my blog followers a note as I know it has been awhile since I have posted. I am currently on vacation, about 1000 miles away from my southern comforts!! But I am having a great time, God has definitely blessed me this week and I have had an outstanding time.  I will resume my normal blogging pace once I get home. But I will be warning you, I am bringing a new puppy home Sunday- so I will be swamped with post vacation stress and new puppy love/stress. But don’t worry,  I will not forget you guys and I will get blogs up as soon as I can.

Now onto the news right now, as I’m on my iPad in bed, I will not be posting dates tonight but I did find out some interesting news. TaRanda is up to something and she won’t reveal what it is till the end of July. Though I do know it involves recording in Nashville and video/photography that her daughters were also a part of! I’m excited to find out what it is, but July can’t come soon enough! So keep your eyes open on her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also a few other artists are also recording, so be looking for some new things coming soon!

Hope y’all have an amazing week, and I shall talk to you soon.

-Grace ❤

TaRanda Greene

Oh my, so many thoughts when I hear her name. Wonderful. Sweet. Amazing. Gifted. Blessed. I could go on and on, but I’ll save you from that. This morning I watched her sing at the Fayetteville Community Church in NC and of course, she was amazing as usual. I haven’t talked with you all about what got me into Southern Gospel music, or christian music to be exact. I love it all now, but TaRanda tops the charts.

I saw her at TRBC in Lexington VA at the Virginia Christmas Spectacular, and she was mind boggling. It was the first time I saw her and as soon as I got to the car I was on YouTube all the way home- I had to hear more. I was kind of stuck in my life, didn’t really know what to do, I was in a rut to say the least. I started listening to her sing and I listened to her testimony and I couldn’t help but cry. She lived through that with the help of our God which meant I could get myself out of this rut with the help of him too. I realized I hadn’t had a conversation with God in forever, only when I really felt like I was dying inside. 

Needless to say, I started reading the bible, which I just finished btw, and I started listening to more gospel music. I started praying everyday, and I found myself trying to generally be a happier and better person. None of this wouldn’t have happened if TaRanda wasn’t there that night and I truly believe that God put her in VA at that time for a reason. 

Since then I have seen her once at Spartansburg SC, and I have also seen her live the Lord. That’s why I am not giving up. I’m trying to get her to my church, which is an uphill battle for me but one I would choose to do. So many people need to hear her, and this is just the start. So I’m going to be a little selfish here and ask that y’all pray for me. Ask God to open the pathway and let the leaders of my church be open to receiving such a blessing.

Thank Yall


Hey y’all, sorry I haven’t been around lately! I know you missed me! I figure I owe you an explanation of my absences, and I’ll tell you this has seemed like the longest week(s) ever! First let me start with that finals exams and SOL’s are starting to take a hold. I have two next week, I believe. Science SOL and Science assessment. Gosh, I hate science. LOL! Also I have been busy working on my second novel, which by the way I need to blog about on my other blog. I’m five chapters into it, and I don’t remember it being that hard. But if writing isn’t hard, then you’re doing it wrong. My chapters right now are only like 5 8×11 pages. A lot of revision to do. Then on top of it, we are getting ready for a new puppy, coming on the 15th of June!! A lot to do there, regarding time and money, and still a lot to discuss. Also we are getting ready for vacation also in June. Meanwhile, keeping up my grades and preparing for the last day of school in the 2013-2014 school year! EEP! Unfortunately last night I pulled a muscle in my wrist/thumb, so I am in minor pain, but this brace really messes up my typing in speed. Hope y’all have a fabulous week! PTL! God Bless, Grace

Exciting News For Me

Hey y’all so this is not a southern gospel post tonight but it does affect me, your blogger in a big way and I feel like I should share it with y’all! So without further ado, I would like to announce that my family is adding an addition to it on June 15th hopefully. Before y’all get excited, it’s not a baby. Sorry if I crushed your dreams. LOL. We are adding a female pembroke welsh corgi to our family! I can’t wait! We would pick her up on the second of June but vacation got in the way. If you’re wondering, here is what she looks like at 3 weeks old. Isn’t she precious? So y’all are probably wondering how this affects yall and my blog, and it doesn’t, very much. New puppy means up every morning as if it wasn’t summer vacation…ugh but yay. So I don’t know how much time I’ll have for working on lyrics, writing out posts and checking in with artists. I will still be keeping up with the dates for yall but they may only come once a week now though I will strive for more.


3 weeks old


Happy Sunday!!

Hey y’all, so I just wanted to pop in and wish y’all a fabulous Sunday full of God! PTL! I am working on getting some lyrics on here for all of you, so keep and eye open for them. I haven’t been looking at the lyrics recently LOL, I have been busy writing my second novel which is going very slowly but good. Less than a month till school is out for summer, so look for some col updates or posts in June/July/August. I’ll try to be keeping up with this as long as I can. Also go follow my other blog about my crazy writing life which lately hasn’t been that crazy but the archives are hilarious, ha! I am on day 76 of my bible reading challenge, I believe. I am reading the bible in 90 days if I haven’t told y’all already. I don’t remember a lot of what I read though, so I am just going to keep doing it over and over 🙂 So now, time for updates on people!

TaRanda is performing at First Baptist Church- Greeneville this morning and has a funny coincidence this morning. She would never sing the song “I Walk Today Where Jesus Walked” at an 8:15 am service but this morning she has a feeling she should. So she did and then the preacher’s sermon ended up being on Acts 1. God is good! She is home for the week until she’s back on the road heading to High Praises Church in Williamston, SC. She will be performing there at their 9 and 10:45 am services on May 11th.

The Hoppers were at the Great Western Fan Fest held in Visalia, CA. Karlye and Lexy were both in attendance, Karlye sang with her parents and grandparents and Lexy played the ukulele. The Hoppers attend all three days of The Fan Fest and judging by the pictures on facebook, they had an amazing time! Also, Karlye got to stop at In-and-Out Burger which is apparently AMAZING.

Greater Vision was also in attendance at the Great Western Fan Fest. They all looked like they had an amazing time, between selfies with stars and opening the fest, the pictures show the love going around. Gerald got to play the drums and sing, and drummer faces in pictures are priceless! They are performing tonight at 5:30 in Bakersfield, CA at Valley Baptist Church.

Looks like its been a great day and week for some amazing southern gospel artists! Got a request or a question? Want lyrics to a specific song I haven’t added yet? Go ahead and email me at


Hey y’all I don’t have too much time tonight as my computer is dying and I need to go read the Bible, but I just wanted to remind you that 

TaRanda’s next performance is at First Baptist Church in Greeneville TN on the 3rd & 4th!

Greater Vision’s next performance is at Valley Baptist Church in Bakersfield, CA on the 4th!

The Hoppers next performance is at Crossroads Community Church in Yuba City, CA on the 4th!

The Talleys next performance is at Blairland Baptist Church in Loudon, TX on the 4th!

Also in some news, TaRanda updated her website with some new CD’s and pictures! Her new CD “Stronger” is not out yet, but she does have a pre-release if you go see her, it’s definitely worth the money!!Also TaRanda made it back to Knoxville okay with her luggage after a 7hr plane ride from CA to TN.


Hey y’all I normally don’t ask much of my followers, friends, acquaintances, anyone really, but I need your help. I have this friend, Emerson, who is UNBELIEVABLE. She is so strong and funny, a beautiful person to be around. But for quite awhile now she is battling severe headaches, day after day, to no end. She is scheduled for a surgery in June but insurance has denied it, so I ask that y’all go donate and help her get some relief!