Plain Ol’ Everyday People

Plain Ol’ Everyday People by Greater Vision

He pushed his boat way out into the water ready to fish today like every other
When he heard a voice saying, “Peter, come follow me”
He turned around to see who was speaking it was the holy humble Galilean
Looking for a volunteer to help a blinded heart to see

God uses plain ol’ everyday people
To help folks find their way toward the steeple
So they can come receive forgiveness for every sin
So, if you are an everyday person, He has a job, and only you can work it
For plain ol’ everyday people there’s a crown to win

Moses led some sheep across the desert, his only task was keeping them together
When he heard a voice say, “You’re standing on holy ground”
He turned aside to see who was a talkin
He recognized the voice of God the Father
Say, “I’m looking for a shepherd to come and lead my people out”
Now, you may think that you are not important
That God doesn’t need a thing you have to offer
But, if you are his child, He has something very special for you to do
Trust Him and you’ll find the strength and wisdom
To lead others on into His kingdom
Right where you are is where He wants to use you

-Chorus x2-
Aren’t ya glad for everyday people there’s a crown to win
For plain ol’ everyday people there’s a crown to win

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