I Saw TaRanda Again

This was a post I wrote after seeing TaRanda on February first…

I got my answer this morning. Yesterday morning, TaRanda brought up something that I didn’t quite know the answer to at one point in my life. “We’re all here this morning, but what happens tomorrow morning. Then what do we do?” And sitting there listening, i knew the answer, at least what the answer would be for me. I would get up, thank the lord for all he’s done and trust him to guide me through my day. You could say that, but does it mean you’re going to do that? I know I’m guilty of saying, okay, I’m going to read this or do that everyday, but just a week or two later, I totally forgot what I was doing. But this morning something happened that brought tears to my eyes. As I sat up, woke up from a great nights sleep, I was filled with this song, a song that told me, I knew what I was going to do from now on. This that I had said I would do- like letting the Lord fully control my life, like letting my problems with him and praising him when even it’s frowned upon. But this morning these lyrics flooded me, and I felt his love surrounding me. Because he is good, and he is worthy. Songs that filled me with hope, songs that showed he never left. “And I’ll shout hallelujah, thank you Jesus,you are worthy of all the glory and all the praise.” “I never lost my hope, and I never lost faith, and I never lost my joy, but most of all, most of all, I never lost my praise.” This morning, I can tell you all, I’m letting it all go. Every person could let things go, and let God take the wheel, but every person could also have a relapse, a fall back. And God knows when you need a reminder, a reason to recommit yourselves to him and only him. Thank you TaRanda for this weekend, thank you.