Happy Sunday!!

Hey y’all, so I just wanted to pop in and wish y’all a fabulous Sunday full of God! PTL! I am working on getting some lyrics on here for all of you, so keep and eye open for them. I haven’t been looking at the lyrics recently LOL, I have been busy writing my second novel which is going very slowly but good. Less than a month till school is out for summer, so look for some col updates or posts in June/July/August. I’ll try to be keeping up with this as long as I can. Also go follow my other blog about my crazy writing life which lately hasn’t been that crazy but the archives are hilarious, ha! I am on day 76 of my bible reading challenge, I believe. I am reading the bible in 90 days if I haven’t told y’all already. I don’t remember a lot of what I read though, so I am just going to keep doing it over and over 🙂 So now, time for updates on people!

TaRanda is performing at First Baptist Church- Greeneville this morning and has a funny coincidence this morning. She would never sing the song “I Walk Today Where Jesus Walked” at an 8:15 am service but this morning she has a feeling she should. So she did and then the preacher’s sermon ended up being on Acts 1. God is good! She is home for the week until she’s back on the road heading to High Praises Church in Williamston, SC. She will be performing there at their 9 and 10:45 am services on May 11th.

The Hoppers were at the Great Western Fan Fest held in Visalia, CA. Karlye and Lexy were both in attendance, Karlye sang with her parents and grandparents and Lexy played the ukulele. The Hoppers attend all three days of The Fan Fest and judging by the pictures on facebook, they had an amazing time! Also, Karlye got to stop at In-and-Out Burger which is apparently AMAZING.

Greater Vision was also in attendance at the Great Western Fan Fest. They all looked like they had an amazing time, between selfies with stars and opening the fest, the pictures show the love going around. Gerald got to play the drums and sing, and drummer faces in pictures are priceless! They are performing tonight at 5:30 in Bakersfield, CA at Valley Baptist Church.

Looks like its been a great day and week for some amazing southern gospel artists! Got a request or a question? Want lyrics to a specific song I haven’t added yet? Go ahead and email me at iluvshorkies24@gmail.com


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