Hold On

Hold On by The Greenes

 When there’s no step left to take

No moves left to make

Oppressing fears, tormenting doubts, prayer after prayer

Still there’s no way out

And it seems like pain is all you gain


Hold On, Hold On

Through every storm, hold on

Even in the darkest night

Walk by faith not sight

Hold on, hold on


There’s a Father of love

Holding peace like a dove

In the midst of all your dark despair

With open arms He is waiting there

To hold you, till the hurt is gone

The hurt is gone


-Chorus x2-


Hold on, Hold on


*I do not own this song- these are for entertainment purposes only*


One thought on “Hold On

  1. Howard and Laura Mae Turner married 71 years..He is 93; she is 88..just lost everything as flood waters washed in…their home of 65,years..we have such appreciation of this song…keep singing…the waters have receded.. But effects are not even close to being over..

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